Late homework, classwork, and projects will NOT be accepted only within one week of the due date. After that it becomes a "0".
Late Assignments will receive a 10% deduction.
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  • Math worksheet - reviewing simplest form- due tomorrow
  • Read chapter 8 in IC - quiz for tomorrow
  • Follow homework packet





Have a GREAT weekend!


Week 33
April 23-27, 2018

Please staple all work to ensure full credit

  • Write your first six vocabulary words as flashcards---Due Friday
  • Read Indian in the CupboardChapter 8- Be prepared for quiz tomorrow!
  • Write your Bible verse one time in CURSIVE!
  • Science quiz tomorrow on Ch 4 lesson 3

  • Write the other 6 vocabulary words as flashcards - Due Friday
  • Write you Bible verse again in CURSIVE!
  • Read Chapter 10 of Indian in the Cupboard--quiz tomorrow
  • Complete multiplication tests- due Friday

  • No Reading Indian in the Cupboard tonight
  • Write a paragraph about Paul’s Journey to Rome--what are we learning this week? - due Friday
  • Math test on Chapter 12 tomorrow!
  • Social Studies quiz tomorrow- Ch9 lesson 3

  • No Reading Indian in the Cupboard tonight but study for Test tomorrow on chapters 7-12
  • Study your vocabulary words-Test tomorrow
  • Social Studies test on Chapter 9 tomorrow- extra credit page 361-use your old quizzes to study!!!!

What we are learning this week:
  • Reading: Reading Indian in the Cupboard Chapters 7-12--Test on Friday
  • Bible: Paul’s Journey to Rome--Acts 27
  • Math: Chapter 12: Fractions --TEST ON THURSDAY!!
  • Social Studies: Chapter 9: Test on Friday - extra credit page 361-use your old quizzes to study!!!!
  • Science: Chapter 4: Biomes: quiz on Tuesday ch4 lesson 3
  • Grammar: Adverbs

Updates and Important Information:

  • Practice those Times Tables!! We will be having weekly timed tests-along with review of addition and subtraction facts.
  • Work on Indian in the Cupboard project---Due May 9th
  • Monday, April 30th- Minimum Day- Free Dress
  • Remember to check my wiki NIGHTLY for homework and any changes.

No Spelling List

Indian in the Cupboard Vocabulary
Chapters 7-12

1.marrow (N) -any of various squash, elongated fruit with smooth dark green skin and whitish flesh
2.debated (V) -To engage in argument by discussing opposing points
3. admiringly (adv.) –to look at with respect, approval, or pleasure
4. dodging (v) –to avoid by a sudden quick movement
5. fragments (n) – a small part broken off or separated from something
6. scornful (adj.) –feeling or expressing contempt (worthless)
7. bandolier (n) –a shoulder belt with loops or pockets for bullets
8. hailstones (n) –small stones of hail, frozen rain
9. raucous (v) –making a very loud noise
10. taunted (v) –to make fun of; tease; hurt with words
11. stampede (n) –a sudden panicked rush or horses, cattle or animals
12. desperate (adj.) – feeling or showing hopelessness when a situation is VERY bad

Please memorize THIS version of our Bible verse: Galatians 6:9 “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”